For a list of ways you can support the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum in their efforts to rebuild the Noah Blake cabin, please see the bottom of this page.

We thank the following people for their generous financial support for our Noah Blake Cabin Restoration Fund:

William and Catherine Bachrach

Jeff Bischoff  Vice President of the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum.

Nick Bischoff, brother of Jeff.

Peter Brooks a new friend 

Charlie Burroughs A long time friend of the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum.

Joseph C. Busch

James and George Ann Carter

The Cherniske Family. Long time friends and supporters of the Eric Sloane Museum and the Friends. Darrell & Melissa and son Aiden are nearly always in attendance at various events and they have been so helpful to us in so many ways.

Robin Dill (Robin owns Kent’s House of Books and has been a steadfast supporter of the Friends group for years) and a sponsor member.

Paul Feinstein

Carol Fenner, in memory of her husband Robert Fenner.  Bob was a great admirer of Eric Sloane and worked tirelessly on several projects related to commemorating Eric, one of the most significant being  the Eric Sloane Commemoratives Committee.  Bob organized and ran the committee, with the stated purpose of working to ensure that Eric Sloane was honored on a United States postage stamp.  Bob was of critical help during the formation of the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum, and his wisdom was sought on many occasions.  Specifically, Bob was instrumental in assisting with the onerous task of filing for 501c3 non-profit status with the IRS.  Bob shared with Friends founder James Mauch copies of his work related to forming the Eric Sloane Commemoratives Committee so that the Friends group would have a model from which to work for their own application.  It can be stated that it is doubtful that the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum would have ever achieved non-profit status without Bob’s help.  We’ll all miss his insight, wisdom, and guidance.

Anne Gallagher, Chef extraordinaire, who provided her talents to the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum during our dedication of the traditional New England dry laid stone wall,  Chef Anne became a member, supporter, and friend.

Arthur C. Hastings and Nancy Stewart

Marylyn Hendricks

Nancy and Sam Hipsher, who included a very nice letter with their donation.  Nancy and Sam bought, disassembled, moved, and repaired two antique barns for use on their historic property.  Sam sounds to me like a kindred spirit of Eric Sloane, judging by Nancy’s description of his talent and dedication to the restoration of their property.  Nancy wrote “We wish you good luck on your Noah Blake cabin rebuilding in 2018 and look forward to hearing more about your project as you proceed.  Eric Sloane would surely have appreciated your efforts as they represent the best of community and neighborly spirit.”  Thank you, Nancy and Sam.

The Kent Falls Brewing Company

Peter and Carol Kern, long time supporters who knew Eric Sloane.

Will Kies of The Oaklawn Foundation

William and Karen Kovacs

John T. Longley

Joseph and Rosmini Mato

James, Elizabeth, and Edith Mauch

James and Rebecca Mauch, parents of founder James Mauch.

Stan Morse, who renders excellent pen and ink drawings very reminiscent of the work of Eric Sloane.

Daniel and Linda Palmer

Geoffrey S. Paul, with our gratitude.

John Pawloski

Ruth Pearl of Nobrook Farm

Bruce H. Perry, who has graciously offered some early American tools from his collection to help outfit the cabin.

Clayton Preston, talented artist and supporter, who has shown his art at our annual show since it’s inception.

Radames Ramos, a very talented and largely self-taught blacksmith. If you have a chance to meet Rad at one of our events, he is a very interesting person. We’ll have some pictures soon of his work.

Rich, Intelisano, and Katz

Geoff Paul

Michael Salvino, who has stood with us for many years.

David and Allison Shelby

Scott Sheldon  A familiar name and face to collectors of Eric Sloane.  Scott has generously donated many books to be used as door prizes during the October 14th Harvest Party

Paul and Joanne Schulthiess

Charmaine Thacker-Sloane Eric Sloane’s daughter and a steadfast supporter of the Eric Sloane Museum and the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum.

Roger and Marsha Smith

George A. Stickels

Harold and Marie Stewart, our friends from the other side of the country, who has supported us generously for many years.

Ted and Jeanne Storb

Mary Ann VanValkenburg

Gayle Waterman

Bill Welnitz

Dayna Wenzel, another talented artist who joins us annually for our art exhibit and sale.  You can see her art here.

Mark Werkema and Ann Rivers

Thank You!

We thank the following people for their membership in the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum since the announcement that our organization will be renovating the Noah Blake cabin:

Sponsor Level ($100 annually):

Robin Dill

David and Allison Shelby

Harold Stewart

Family Level ($50 annually):

The Cherniske Family Darrell, Melissa and Aiden

Alice and Richard Mandel

Daniel and Linda Palmer

Paul and Joanne Schultheiss

Ted and Jeanne Storb

Susan and Robert Vincent

Individual Membership ($35 annually):

Peter Brooks

Anne Gallagher

Nancy Hipsher

Dwight Keeney

William and Karen Kovacs

Hattie Mauch

Bruce Perry

Clayton Preston

Scott Sheldon

George Stickels

Barbara Thorland

Gayle Waterman

Dayna Wenzel

Kurt Zitzmann

Volunteer Level:

Spencer Parrish

Thank You!

      We welcome your support at any level to help us to rebuild the Noah Blake Cabin.  When sending your donation, tell us your story of your connection to Eric Sloane, the museum he founded, and the Noah Blake cabin.  Send it to   We’ll publish your story on our website,

Box of Blacksmith-made iron nails- $20.00

Antique bottle (for Noah’s window) – $25.00

noah blake window

Shutter or door hardware – $35.00

Bundle of wooden shingles – $50.00

Section of exact-match siding – $75.00

Adzed wooden beam – $100.00

Sawn Lumber fund – $150.00

noah blake sleds

Period Accessories Fund – $Custom.  We welcome donations of period accessories to compliment the Noah Blake cabin restoration.  We are a 501c3 organization.  Please contact us for more information.

Donations in excess of $2,500 will be noted on a commemorative plaque.  The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum would welcome a corporate sponsor who would appreciate becoming linked to this important project.

Contact us for more information:

Or send your donation to:

Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum

Post Office Box 871

Kent, Connecticut. 06757

Thank you for your support

eric sloane in front of flag